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Living The Dream; TikTok Boss Resigns With $44 Billion To ‘Read & Daydream’

today28 May 2021


Class move.

Zhang Yiming, the CEO of TikTok named Bytedance has resigned from his position in order to give way for himself to read and daydream.

Yiming who founded the company back in 2012 resigned after he felt that he did not possess the proper management skills to handle the position.


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Aside from that, he also felt that with this resignation, he’ll have more time to spend alone to do the things he loves which would include reading and daydreaming.

Yiming wrote in a letter to his staff, “The truth is, I lack some of the skills that make an ideal manager. I’m more interested in analyzing organizational and market principles, rather than actually managing people. Similarly, I’m not very social, preferring solitary activities like being online, reading, listening to music, and daydreaming about what could be possible.”


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In the context of daydreaming, he isn’t referring to the plain definition that you might think. “I like to think about possibilities that are still just that: Possibilities. For a long time, I’ve put my online status as ‘Daydreaming.’ What I mean is that I’m not zoning out, but rather I’m thinking about possibilities that people might just think they are fantasy,” Yiming clarified.

Holding the position of CEO for a parent company that gave birth to the popular video-sharing company has its ups and downs. Obviously, he’ll take the $44 billion net worth. However, he emphasized in the letter that he felt left behind on the technical knowledge that was needed to lead such a company.

So replacing the 38-year-old retiree at the end of the year will be Liang Rubo, the founder of Bytedance. Currently, Rubo is the head of human resources at the company.


We wish the CEO a happy retirement and are utterly grateful for giving us TikTok!

*Cover Image Credits: STR / AFP

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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