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Local Actor Advises Celebrities & Instafamous To Be More Sensitive During The Pandemic

today18 May 2021


My guy has spoken facts.

23-year-old Naim Daniel has advised a few Instafamous as well as celebrity figures that find joy in sharing photos or activities of them on social media to be more sensitive with their surroundings and not trigger anger among the public during the pandemic.

According to the actor, as Instafamous and celebrities who have a massive fanbase on their social media platforms, there must be a sense of responsibility when you intend to share content on the respective platforms.



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A post shared by Naim Daniel (@naimdanielx)


The singer of Sumpah recently stated in an interview with media:

“When we’re blessed with a massive amount of followers and influence, where we’re considered as reference and example to the public, it’s very important to be a good example. This is because we ‘feed’ our audience with content that we create. But now because of what some ‘Instafamous’ and celebrities do, it triggers anger from the public.”

Naim continued to say that even though a few Instafamous and celebrity figures made mistakes, everyone (Instafamous and celebrities) is guilty of committing to those choices.



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A post shared by Naim Daniel (@naimdanielx)


The actor from the drama Pia said Instafamous and celebrities are supposed to set good examples and do wholesome things for fans instead of triggering them.

It’s safe to say that Naim feels disappointed with the behaviour of certain individuals. Fair enough it might be because his reputation could be at stake as well. Clearly he feels that one bad apple spoils the barrel. Ultimately. image is important and he felt that it was his responsibility to speak up amidst all the drama.

This goes out as a lesson for all; to be wary of what you say and do. Set a good example for yourself and the people around you.

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @naimdanielx

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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