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Local Actress Faces Scrutiny Over Outfit, Told To Respect The Month Of Ramadan

today7 May 2021


“Nampak perut tu sis”

Time and time again, we see women being criticized for the way they dress. It’s an endless battle between women and society that’s been going on for years, if not decades. This time, it’s local actress Intan Najuwa who’s got the attention of her followers, after posting her stunning outfit choices.



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A post shared by Intan Najuwa, 23 ?? (@intannajuwa)


Despite the entertainment industry already under the watchful eye of netizens – who have been actively calling out breaches of SOPs – netizens also had the time to pick on Intan’s choice of clothing. Recently, the Tak Sempurna Mencintaimu actress uploaded a video where she (let’s be honest) looks amazing, but netizens were more concerned about how her outfit revealed the shape of her body.



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A post shared by Intan Najuwa, 23 ?? (@intannajuwa)


According to them, the outfit was inappropriate and did not respect the holy month of Ramadan.


Here are some of the comments. They read:

  1. “Cover your stomach sis, it’s the fasting month close it a bit.”
  2. “That’s aurat, this month is the fasting month, a holy month. We as Muslims respect okay.”
  3. “Cover that stomach a bit, Intan.”



However, she isn’t only criticised. Here she is in a more muted look.



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A post shared by Intan Najuwa, 23 ?? (@intannajuwa)


The comments for this post are very different:

  1. “Who’s future wife is this?”
  2. “Looks so proper dressed up like this,”
  3. “So nice to see,”
  4. “So pretty, girl. Such a big fan of you.”



Β There’s a clear difference in reaction from her followers when it comes to the different outfits and stylings. From the looks of it, fans aren’t so much criticising her choice of outfit, rather, are concerned with the fact that the teachings and mannerisms of the holy month should be observed. Which is, without a doubt, important to take into account.


We’re sure the 23-year-old from Johor has it figured out!


*Cover Image Credit: Instagram @intannajuwa

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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