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Local Actress Accused Of Having Sugar Daddy After Purchasing Luxury Car

today11 May 2021


“Dia mesti ada orang bela dia.”

Local actress Scha Elinnea, who recently shared a post of gratitude as she was able to purchase a luxury car, ended up getting shade from her followers. 21-year-old Scha stated that she received messages through her Instagram accusing her of using “dirty money” to purchase a car that’s priced at almost RM 200,000.



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A post shared by Scha Elinnea (@schaelinnea)


Before we get into the actual shade, let’s not ignore the fact that she did also get compliments from her friends.


Photo via Instagram/@schaelinnea


Scha, whose real name is Natasha Mohamed Mubeen, released a statement saying she would never ever use illegitimate sources of money to purchase things or give them to family members, as certain people have claimed.


“Someone DMed, sending a screenshot commenting, ‘she must have someone taking care of her’. Try thinking for yourself, can’t you think, I’d give my family dirty money or I’d use dirty money to purchase the car during the month of Ramadan. I wouldn’t do it. I don’t care what people would say. Why should I care. Only those who know me know how difficult it is for me to earn money…”



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A post shared by Scha Elinnea (@schaelinnea)


She continued saying she was proud of herself for using her own money – that she has saved since she was 15 – to purchase the car. Scha stated that she was born into a moderate family and has been working since she was 15, by doing product promotions on her social media platforms as well as modelling and acting, in order to save up.



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A post shared by Scha Elinnea (@schaelinnea)

Scha, who now also adds businesswoman to her impressive repertoire, said:


“Every month I’d have savings to achieve my dreams of owning a car at 21 years old and owning a house before I reach 25.”Β 


Assumptions can be both dangerous and toxic, so let’s not jump the gun. Especially so when we’re aiming them at people who have worked their way up to where they are now – we don’t always see the hard work and sacrifice behind every success. Let’s be good people and avoid raining on other people’s parade.


*Cover Image Credit: Instagram @schaelinnea

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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