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Local Director Backs Up Sharifah Rose Following Heavy Criticism Regarding ‘Appalling’ Performance In Drama

today19 May 2021


Fair enough…?

In a recent incident on Twitter where influencer Sharifah Rose was heavily criticized due to her poor acting or as the locals call it, ‘kayu‘, the social media celebrity was strong to accept criticism for her first acting project in the local drama Kekasih Hati Mr. Bodyguard that is now showing on TV3.


Famous local director Shahrulezad, better known as Budak Ijat was called to the scene to share his opinion, which he gladly did. He said that it’s best to give a chance to new actors so they could improve their acting skills from time to time.



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A post shared by shahrulezad mohameddin (@budakijat)


The statement was shared through an Instagram posting recently.

The director of the drama Takdir Yang Tertulis said that the talent within Sharifah Rose can be polished to perfection if she has high hopes and is hardworking enough in her acting career.



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A post shared by shahrulezad mohameddin (@budakijat)


“Sometimes it’s the artists that we say are ‘kayu’ are the ones who will be great one day. Sharifah Rose I see has the potential to succeed if she’s hardworking. Even I have rejected her before.”

He took popular actor Fattah Amin as an example as he once was rejected through the production company “Radiusone” as he was deemed to lack talent. So Ijat hopes that Sharifah Rose can take Fazura’s husband as an example to prove to all the critics that they were wrong.



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A post shared by Fattah Amin (@fattahaminz)


“And I hope she can prove me wrong as long as she’s sincere with her passions and avoids the ridiculous controversies”, he continued to write.

He also advised other newcomers to keep their heads up in the industry even if they get rejected multiple times during auditions.

According to him, many actors have successfully proven their ability and have been accepted in his dramas after years of improving their quality of skills.



To keep you all up to date, Sharifah Rose has joined forces with actor Redza Rosli in a drama titled Kekasih Hati Mr Bodyguard that is aired in the Lestary segment, every Wednesday to Saturday at 9pm on TV3.

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @budakijat @sharifahrose_

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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