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Mizz Nina Remains Controversy Free Til Today After ‘Shocking’ Malaysians 8 Years Ago

She’s a good example.



She’s clean…

Ex R&B artist Mizz Nina may no longer be the talk of the town even though her hijrah shocked the nation 8 years ago, but that hasn’t made her want to do anything controversial to grab attention from the public.

Twitter user @izxfrh shared her views on the R&B artist, who is married to singer Noh Salleh.

The tweet reads: Mizz Nina is a good example. It’s true, since she went through her hijrah there’s no news of controversy that would raise slander towards herself.


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To get you on the same page, Mizz Nina started to change after her trip to Makkah with Noh back in 2013. Even the change was rumoured to be ‘shocking’, for Noh, Mizz Nina actually was already changing slowly until she became the woman she is today.

Even more interesting fact is, the change was committed by them together and is what makes their lives happier.



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Many netizens agree that Mizz Nina has never done anything controversial to show people about her change. In fact, she actually encourages others to change for the better as well.

This user said: Even before she hijrah her attitude was okay. Never heard anything about her having controversy fighting with other celebrities or any attempts at disturbing any guys.



This user in fact shared that the R&B artist has released her own book: It’s true, Mizz Nina is very committed in her hijrah & can be idolized. Now he has already published her first book that tells the tale of her journey, “Light for the Lost Soul”. If anyone is interested you can click on this link.




Hopefully, Mizz Nina’s hijrah becomes a prime example for others to change for the better. We love and support these changes.

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