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M’sian Singer Slammed For Bringing Plushie To COVID Vaccination Appointment

today23 June 2021


It seems as if our local celebrities are under more scrutiny these days; with their actions constantly under observation and critique by netizens. Who’s found themselves in the spotlight this time around? Local singer and actor Nabila Razali, who found herself being questioned by netizens for her actions while receiving her vaccination jab at Universiti Malaya (UM).


Razali had initially taken to Instagram, like many, to share her experience with the vaccination process.



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A post shared by ??? (@nabila.razali)


“Bella and Baby Joong-Ki have finished receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Universiti Malaya just now. The process was quick. Not even painful. All the frontline staff was very polite. Thank you so much, you guys!”


Baby Joong-ki is the name of plushie dino plushie she has with her during the inoculation, which she has named after the Korean actor Song Joong-ki. In the video, Nabila can be seen holding onto her plushie as the nurse proceeds with the jab.


While the posting was intended to be wholesome, as well as an attempt to spread awareness on the safety and comfort of getting the vaccine, netizens were not very happy to see her bring a plushie toy with her.

Some of the comments on the left read:

  1. “If it’s artist somehow can record it (getting jabbed) ya?”
  2. “Artists can record, we get yelled at.”
  3. “Health officials are double standard too.”
  4. “Why do you need to bring that? How many germs and virus can stick to that pillow? What’s the benefit? Later on, many others will want to bring pillows too.”


Photo via Instagram/@nabila.razali


The comments on the right are no different.


“Why is it that when I got jabbed the other day and wanted to record for memories I got yelled at? (She) can even bring a pillow. This life isn’t fair.”


The bottom right comment also expresses frustration.


“Everything is okay for artists. Can record, can take photos, can bring their smelly pillows, husbands and wives can follow to jab. The other day my cousin wanted to record my aunty getting her vaccine but wasn’t allowed. My sister also couldn’t follow my mom. Even getting the vaccination jab has double standards.”


Recently, threads on Twitter were created for the sole purpose of highlighting the apparent differential treatment between celebrities and everyone else.


Prior to Nabila Razali, actress Fasha Sandha and social media celebrity Aisar Khaled were heavily criticized and questioned for recording their vaccination process as well.


However, emphasis must be placed on the fact that Razali, Sandha and Khaled all did their parts in getting inoculated. As we continue in our fight to achieve herd immunity, let us continue sharing verified information (from the Health Ministry and JKJAV), helping those who may be having issues registering themselves for the vaccination and checking in with our loved ones to ensure that everyone is doing okay. The world is already filled with so much uncertainty, negativity and distrust, don’t underestimate the power of positivity and love in such trying times.


*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @nabila.razali

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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