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Netizens In Shock After Local Actress Promotes ‘Zombie’- Like Skin Whitening Product

today26 May 2021


Oh, my days…

Beauty is an aspect many strive to improve in their lives. I mean, who doesn’t want to be beautiful or handsome? Some say they get treated better and are open to more opportunities in life as a result of their good looks – there’s even research to back this up! But… that’s a discussion for another day.

Rather, today, we’re looking at a situation that has shocked netizens – one involving a local actress who is promoting a beauty product. Specifically, a skin whitening product. And while ‘shocked’ may seem like an over-reaction, just wait until you see the apparent results of the use of the product.

The local actress shared the said results on her Instagram through a post.


Photo via Instagram


The photo she shared showed a hand – that netizens on Twitter have described as – sharing a resemblance with that of a “zombie.” The picture continued to gain traction after it was shared by user @erynnazhar.


Photo via Twitter/@erynnazhar


This user expressed concern as she implied that most of the actress’s followers are underage, indicating that her followers might be influenced to do something they have little experience with.


Photo via Twitter/@erynnazhar


Following the comments of shock, at the time of writing, it appears that the actress removed the post from her Instagram profile. Let’s be safe and avoid consuming products that could potentially be damaging to our health. If certain products seem ‘dodgy’ or ‘shady’, it’s better to achieve your goal in a natural way. Don’t take risks with your health!


*Cover Image Credits: Instagram

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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