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Niall Horan Says He “Felt Like A Prisoner” In One Direction

today30 March 2021

Niall Horan Says He Felt Like A Prisoner In One Direction
The Independent

Niall Horan is finally opening up about his pop group era in past and what he had to say was rather troubling!

The singer revealed to British host Dermot O’Leary on a recent episode of the People, Just People podcast that he often felt like a “prisoner” in his former group, One Direction.

Niall Horan Says He Felt Like A Prisoner In One Direction

As fans would know the group went from being a fan-favourite on The X Factor to a worldwide pop sensation that stole every teen’s heart, Horan admitted that he struggled with the instant fame. He revealed the tough time he experienced “proper hysteria” from their loyal fans that swarmed their hotel suits and press tours. The lack of privacy as one of the biggest boy bands in today’s day and age was something that made him “feel trapped” most of the time.

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“I struggled with the idea of, Why won`t you just let us out?” he said of the instances in which fans would be “banging on car windows before we could get out of the vehicle. I was thinking, `We just want to go for a walk,` you know?” “But, you can’t get inside the brain of a fan and now I completely get it, but at the time, you’re like, You’re our age. Just let us out.” he told the host.

He added, “I wanted to say, `We just want to walk down the street. You must understand.`” the singer detailed his experience during One Direction`s first all-stadium tour, `Where We Are, which was international and spanned from April 25, 2014, to October 5, 2014.

“I vividly recall being in all these amazing cities, but not being able to see them because fans would surround our hotel,” he said. The band could not enjoy the simple pleasures of sightseeing or grabbing a bite in public because fans would intrude.

Niall Horan Says He Felt Like A Prisoner In One Direction

The band first faced hot waters of disbandment rumours in 2015, following Malik`s exit from the band, which was also when they all took a haitus. Since their disbandment in August 2015, Horan, Styles, Malik, Tomlinson and Payne have each released solo projects. Horan released his second solo album Heartbreak Weather, which included bop Nice to Meet Ya.

Written by: Varesha

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