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Psstt.. This Is Bae Suzy’s Secret For Keeping Her Skin ‘Bae-utiful’!

today14 April 2021


Having clear and smooth skin is everyone’s dream. Imagine being able to snap a selfie without relying on filters! But as luck would have it, not all of us are as lucky…


Despite her hectic schedule, former K-Pop girl group member (ya’ll remember Miss A, right?) turned actress Bae Suzy is able to maintain her youthful and radiant skin with her meticulous cleansing regime. The ‘Dream’ hitmaker follows the 4-2-4 facial cleaning method – and it only takes 10 minutes out of her day to complete.



Beginning with a 4-minute oil-cleansing to gently remove makeup and minimise breakouts, Suzy takes care to avoid typical bath and body soap to protect the natural lipid layer of her skin. This helps to soothe sensitive skin as well. Your skin is generally efficient at taking care of itself, so avoid skincare products with too many chemicals!


After that, the 26-year-old follows suit with a lathering foam cleanser for 2 minutes. Foaming cleansers are pretty much the same as soaps, but it is milder for your skin and retains moisture. It is also effective in removing dirt and makeup, which could build up and clog the pores. Yikes!



And to finish it all off, Suzy rinses her face with clean water for 4 minutes with frigid water. What it does is help slow down the ageing process as well as tighten the pores. If this works for you, you can forget about your fancy toners!


Apart from the 4-2-4 skincare routine, Suzy is also very vocal about keeping herself (and her skin) hydrated. She has mentioned that she uses several moisturising products such as ampoules and serums to keep her skin moisturised at all times, reducing the likelihood of developing wrinkles. She also advises everyone to drink enough water throughout the day.


You can watch Suzy (and her lovely skin) in action in her latest TV show, ‘Start Up’ on Netflix!



*Cover image via Instagram @skuukzky

Written by: Farah Qistina

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