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Rapper Joe Flizzow Urges Malaysians To Support Small Businesses

today30 June 2021


With the pandemic attacking Malaysian livelihoods with no mercy, people are struggling to stay afloat with their businesses not achieving the aimed targets. Consumers have been repetitively encouraged to support their local traders.

That is exactly the message local rapper Joe Flizzow sent in a series of Instagram stories on his profile.

He began the piece of advice by saying that he wanted to go to his barbershop, Joe’s Barbershop TTDI. However, he then said that it was closed.


Photo via Instagram/@flizzow


“Alamak, I forgot that it’s closed.”


“It’s okay, we can go to the branch in Subang. Alamak, I forgot that one is also closed,” he said while cracking a seemingly sarcastic smile.

He continued to list other areas where he had branches of the barbershop, from the one in Bangi to Langkawi, stating that all 26 branches were closed.


“Most of our friends that run businesses around us are also closed.”


He concluded the rant by simply saying that we have to take care of ourselves, or “kita kena jaga kita“. Despite the complaining -which of course was legitimate- he also advised struggling Malaysians to remain strong and patient through these challenge moments in time.


“To all small businesses, keep your head up. Never stop believing, I feel you. Trust. Peace, one love.”


The Ciao rapper also followed his advice with an appreciation towards food delivery riders labeling them as working-class heroes.


Photo via Instagram/@flizzow


We echo Joe’s voice, urging others to support local businesses during these struggling times. No matter how difficult it may get, stay strong. We have each other.

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Written by: Mifzal Malik

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