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#RespectLisa: This Is Why BLACKPINK Fans Think Lisa Is Being Mistreated

Two other tags, #SAYNOTORACISM and #STOPRACISM were also trending.




While #RespectLisa has trended worldwide numerous times and it was always due to mistreatment of the artist, lack of attention, unreasonable hate sent her way and racism. However, things were taken too far as Lisa is being subjected to discrimination and racism because of her Thai background. Alongside the hashtag “Respect Lisa”, two other tags, #SAYNOTORACISM and #STOPRACISM are also trending worldwide to address this issue.

#RespectLisa This Is Why BLACKPINK Fans Think Lisa Is Being Mistreated

Kimchi Daily

To think BLACKPINK is the biggest female K-Pop group in the world and their member is a victim of downright abuse and racist behaviour by irresponsible people on the internet, bog BLINKS’s minds. Blackpink’s only non-Korean member, Lalisa Manoban received racist comments after the K-pop supergroup’s 33rd Golden Disc Awards red carpet appearance in 2019 and it has continued!

#RespectLisa This Is Why BLACKPINK Fans Think Lisa Is Being Mistreated

Media Indonesia

Fans of the rapper also believe that YG entertainment could have done more to protect their artist from harmful death threats, for instance, according to Pinkvilla leaked messages from a group chat revealed immensely hateful, racist comments towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and passing off statements of her lack of hard work. Unfortunately, the comments went too far dehumanizing Thai natives and Thailand in general.

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But the question still remains for fans why wasn’t any action taken by YG Entertainment?

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