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‘Tarzan: The Epic Adventures Star’ Joe Lara Dies In Plane Crash At 58

today31 May 2021


May they all rest in peace.

Joe Lara, the star of the 1996 movie, “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures” died in a plane crash last Saturday, according to reports from the Associated Press.


Photo via YouTube


Joe’s wife, author, and faith-based diet program founder Gwen Lara, who was also involved in the crash, perished along with five others. It was reported that authorities at the scene indicated that there were no survivors in the tragedy.

“Our efforts have transitioned from a rescue effort to that of a recovery effort,” Rutherford County Fire Rescue Capt. Joshua Sanders said during a news conference. “We are no longer… looking for live victims at this point.”

The small plane, that was heading to Palm Beach International Airport in Florida crashed into Percy Priest Lake in Tennessee after taking off at about 11 am.


Photo via AP


After the crash, local rescue authorities rushed to the scene to try to find survivors, but there were none. They remained there as of Sunday, May 30, and have recovered debris of the aircraft as well as human remains, according to a statement from the Rutherford County Government in Tennessee, posted on Facebook. Everyone aboard the plane was presumed dead, Rutherford County Fire Rescue said.


Photo via Everett Collection


Born in San Diego, California on Oct. 2, 1962, Joe Lara is best known for playing the character of Tarzan in the CBS television movie “Tarzan in Manhattan” in 1989 and its following spin-off series, “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures” from 1996 to 1997. Joe’s other features include the action films “American Cyborg: Steel Warrior” (1993), “Steel Frontier” (1995), “Warhead” (1996), “Armstrong” (1998) and “Doomsdayer” (2000). He transitioned from acting to country music in the early 2000s, releasing the album “Joe Lara: The Cry of Freedom” in 2009.


*Cover Image Credits: 7News The Star

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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