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“To my forever brother”; Running Man Members Share Loving Messages As Lee Kwang Soo Says Goodbye

“Once a Running Man, Always a Running Man,”



After 3,991 days of running, jumping, laughter and tears, Lee Kwang Soo has said goodbye to Running Man.


Source: Instagram / @sbs_runningman_sbs


The actor and model is an original cast member of the hit South Korean variety show and has gone on to be known as the Variety God’s favourite (for his bad luck, which often leads to the funniest outcomes). Throughout his 11 years on the show, Kwang Soo developed various “characters”: Kwangvatar (a mix of his name and the blue “Avatar”), Asian Prince, Kwangja, Giraffe, Icon of Betrayal and more. For 7 of those 11 years, Kwang Soo was the “maknae”, i.e. youngest member. As such, he was often seen taking care of the older members. Even when Se Chan and So Min joined in 2017, Kwang Soo continued to show his kindness through the little things the camera sometimes caught: getting his older members water, making sure Ji Hyo was okay after a punishment/game, bringing them towels. The 35-year-old found a permanent place in our hearts, with his honest hard work and incredible knack for making every single episode so much fun.


Former producer-director Lee Hwan Jin,  took to Instagram to praise the actor, sharing just how much dedication the actor showed in his 11 years on the show.



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A post shared by 어차피 잘 될 놈 (@hwanjine)


His caption reads:


“From what I remember, Kwang Soo has never once told the producers ‘No.’

He tore off name tags with a broken pinky toe and even got soaked with water in the middle of winter while suffering from a cold.

When I was looking at Kwang Soo while editing, I thought he was such a hilarious guy that if his fancam were to be released it would be a culture shock to comedians all around the world.

To the hoodwinker of the entertainment world who appeared like a mutant, my good friend, and special brother Kwang Soo, you truly did an amazing job for such a long time.

Lastly, there is something I would like to convey to everyone.

Kwang Soo is not an idiot.

Or is he…?

Even if he is, he’s not…that much of an idiot.



The PD’s sweet message follows that of the Running Man members, who wrote the actor letters on episode 559 of Running Man – Kwang Soo’s last appearance. Twitter user @unniesoveroppas shared the translations to the letter that the members have written for Kwang Soo (and I can’t stop crying).


“Feel, Touch, Cross” Brother Suk Jin: “Kwang Soo ah, let’s see each other for the rest of our lives and walk the rest of our lives together because we are family.”



The one who cuts him off but protects him always, Jae Suk: “It will feel empty without you, but you should do all the things that you wanted to do now without worrying about us.”


Kookie: “Stay healthy, you punk.”


The kid who now has kids, Haha: “I pray that no matter where you are, you’ll shine brightly as you achieve your dreams.”


Noona Ji Hyo: “Come whenever you miss us, I love you Kwangsoo ah.”


True dongsaeng Se Chan: “From now on, do whatever you want in a world without punishments.”


Love frog So Min: “I’ll pray for every step you take.”


And finally, Kwang Soo’s own words…



We wish the absolute best for the man who did his absolute best for us fans, the staff of Running Man and his family-like members. 영원히 사랑합니다, 이광수 ❤️


*Cover image credits: @sbs_runningman_sbs

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