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TV Drama Starring Local Influencer Sharifah Rose Slammed By Netizens For Poor Acting

today17 May 2021


Quality vs Ratings.


Acting is tough work. It requires hard work and talent from certain people that can deliver the standard of quality required for the big screen. Unfortunately, this television drama checked none of those boxes, as suggested by netizens. In a Twitter post shared by (one of) the main actresses Sharifah Rose captioned: “The long wait has (is*) over!”, she showed a 57-second clip (a teaser) to a series called Kekasih Hati Mr. Bodyguard (‘Mr. Bodyguard’s Sweetheart’).



The video shows a brief conversation between Rose and the male actor (we assume is the bodyguard) about requesting a Pendrive from the bodyguard. The bodyguard then says he feels she was not sent by her father to see him for the Pendrive, but rather because she’s his soulmate. As he leans into her to say that, she backs away and fazes out, back into her room, indicating that she was merely daydreaming.


The response to this simple video was overwhelming. Some might refer to it as “getting ratioed.” defines “getting ratioed” as “when replies to a tweet vastly outnumber likes or retweets. This means people are objecting to the tweet and considering its content bad.”


Let’s just go through some of the responses to the video.



This user said: “Malays should produce more quality dramas with recognized talent especially from Cultural Arts Academies and Heritage or from talent agencies that already have acting classes.”




While some may argue that production companies should take those with actual talent, this producer thinks otherwise.


It’s a difficult argument; quality of acting against ratings. What do you think?


*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @sharifahrose_

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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