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UHH, People Are Dragging Kylie Jenner Over This GoFundMe Issue

today23 March 2021


So, um, Kylie Jenner, a person who is a literal billionaire, is getting a ton of criticism online for promoting her former makeup artist Samuel Rauda’s GoFundMe. ICYMI, Samuel was tragically involved in a serious accident, and the GoFundMe was set up by his loved ones to help cover medical expenses following an expensive major surgery.

And OFC, people aren’t having it. Someone pointed out that “kylie jenner bought her toddler a $15,000 handbag but is asking her fans for money” and “It’s not even about the fact that she won’t pay for the surgery herself. Every single last one of Kylie Jenner’s sisters is a millionaire. Her parents are millionaires. Her friends are millionaires. But she asked the MIDDLE CLASS for money. This family……”

ANYWAY, Kylie soon took to her Instagram to β€˜β€™clear things out’’—explaining that she did help Samuel’s family max out their original goal, and it’s the increased attention that continues to drive the numbers higher. Uh, I mean yeah, promoting a GoFundMe is definitely a nice thing to do! But again, Kylie is a literal billionaire, and a lot of people wondered why she didn’t just pay the bill herselfβ€”especially considering she knows Samuel. Kylie donated $5,000β€”the same amount as actress Bella Thorne, who is worth $12 million. So, you do the math!Β 

All things aside, we’re sending lots of ❀️ to Samuel for a successful recovery.

Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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today23 March 2021

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