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Watch: SO SWEET! Local Actress Is Surprised With A Scooter For Her Birthday

today2 June 2021


Press F to pay respect to Dini!

We all love presents for our birthday. It shows how much people care about us. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how big or expensive the gift is. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Well this particular actor did not hold back. Dini Schatzmann surprised his girlfriend, fellow actress Janna Nick with a cute red scooter for her 26th birthday. He documented the whole surprise and shared it on his IGTV.



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A post shared by Dini Schatzmann (@dinischatzmann)


The 6-minute video shows Dini preparing the birthday setup and then going to pick up Janna. She is then blindfolded on the way back home. She is then guided to the back yard where she slowly takes of the blindfold.

Safe to say, she is astonished to see the bike there. I mean, who wouldn’t be?


Photo via Instagram/@dinischatzmann


The bike, surrounded by white and red balloons and a happy birthday banner (made from balloons as well) saw the actress (literally) jumping with joy.


Photo via Instagram/@dinischatzmann


Janna of course, expressed her appreciation towards Dini for the surprise. Other reactions also included actor Sean Lee.


Photo via Instagram/@dinischatzmann


Netizens also expressed their appreciation for Dini’s gesture.


Photo via Instagram/@dinischatzmann


I’m sure we all wished we got treatment like Janna Nick in this video. What would you like for your birthday this year?

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @dinischatzmann

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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