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Why Can’t Bretman Rock Have His Tom Yam In A Bowl Like The Rest Of Us???

today7 April 2021


For those not in the know (how DARE you not know who Bretman Rock is), Bretman is a Fillipino-American beauty influencer, social media personality, and internet sensation. He is based in Honolulu, Hawaii which explains why he is constantly photographed shirtless by the beach. 


Anyway, Bretman posted a photo of him (once again by the seashore) sipping a drink. At first glance, there is nothing thaaaat groundbreaking about the photo. Just a fabulous man having a drink in what appears to be a cafe by the sea.



Until you zoom in on his ‘drink’.


This is pointed out by Twitter user @Michalramli, who quoted Bretman’s tweet much to the amusement of fellow Twitterians. 



And it’s true! With the thick orange consistency of tom yam, lemongrass jutting out, and even a shrimp chilling on the side of the glass with a cherry tomato sitting on top, this is the most plausible assumption so far!


Bretman himself hasn’t given a response regarding his exotic drink (it wouldn’t be quite as exotic had he poured it into a bowl and eaten it with a spoon like a soup), but it has definitely gotten us wondering if this would be a hip new way to enjoy tom yam. 


To see Bretman do what he does best, you can check out his reality TV show called MTV Following: Bretman Rock. The show features his family life, and the cast is made up of Bretman and his family as well as his closest friends. 



If you just can’t get enough of him, you can also subscribe to his channel on YouTube where he often posts makeup tutorials and cosmetic content! He has cited vlogger Talia Joy and makeup artist Patrick Starr to be his main inspirations. 


Till then, ta-ta for now!


*Cover image via Instagram @BretmanRock 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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