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Why Demi Lovato’s Docuseries Goes Deeper Than Just Sobriety

today9 April 2021


(Trigger warning: This article contains various topics which might be triggering. Proceed with caution.)


Featuring her closest friends and family members, Demi Lovato’s ‘Dancing with the Devil’ gets up close and personal about the struggles and trauma that has been plaguing the singer, songwriter, and actress since childhood. 


While the main issue discussed in the documentary is her drug overdose, the real question is: what is the driving force behind her addiction issues?


A victim of depression, Demi has battled suicidal thoughts as well as severe childhood trauma when she lost her virginity in her teens from a sexual assault. It’s completely understandable that the 28-year old artist would turn to drugs for comfort and escape. 


However, her substance abuse began from the tender age of 17 when she attended a party. This likely stems from the psychological pain of dealing with her father’s addiction issues as well, and wanting to understand why he let drugs consume his life and neglecting her and the rest of his family. 



Demi is also a survivor of various mental illnesses such as a range of eating disorders and bipolar disorder. When she was 18, Demi’s issues came to a head when she lost it and punched her backup dancer Alex Welch in the face. This called to attention the many dark problems she was facing underneath the surface, leading to her first rehab stay in 2010. 


It is not an unknown fact that most drug users are only using to numb the pain, and judgement from society will only drive them to rock bottom even further. 


It is our responsibility to check up on our loved ones, and to always, always provide support no matter what they are going through. It costs nothing to save someone’s life. 


*Cover image via Instagram @ddlovato

Written by: Farah Qistina

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