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Local Comedian’s Wife Reports Their Relationship Is STILL Threatened By The Same Woman

today5 July 2021


This isn’t the first time local comedian Shuk Sahar and his wife found their household almost destroyed after the comedian was believed to have a relationship with a woman known as Fara Salleh. Despite those dark times, Shuk and his wife seemed to have recovered and been fixing their bond since the comedian apologized.

However, in recent developments, Rossa – Shuk’s wife- was seen uploading a few photos showing messages believed to be sent from a woman named Fara that was once the source of ‘violence’ between the couple.


Photo via Instagram


“Usually you’d show off that you pray, so show it now. Why aren’t you answering [the phone]. Don’t get angry if I don’t answer your call. Who knows what you’ve been doing since you came back to the point that only now you want to shower and pray.  Before this you showed with pride you prayed on the prayer mat.”


Through the postings shared by Rossa, the woman was believed to still threaten the peace of her household.

Not only that, but she also shared photos of her standing in the balcony area of her house and threatened to jump from the building as well as stab herself. She continued to explain that Shuk seemed to not care about her feelings. Following that conversation, Rossa expressed her feeling of confusion towards the woman’s actions.

You can read the full story about Shuk and his family here.

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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