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You’ll Cry When You Learn Why SuJu’s Eunhyuk Moved Back In With His Parents

today28 June 2021


We owe everything to our parents, and it’s only fair that we be with them during their time of need. 


While most people can’t wait to get a home of their own in the name of independence and to have their own personal space, Super Junior’s dance machine, 35-year-old Eunhyuk, recently decided to move back in with his parents for the first time since he began living in dorms as a trainee. During a recent episode of KBS’s Mr House Husband 2, Eunhyuk revealed that the reason for this is…


“It’s all because of my mom,” said the K-idol, adding that he bought the house specifically for her. 



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Sadly, the Super Junior star went on to reveal that his mother is currently suffering from interstitial pneumonia, a disease that occurs when tissue in the lungs becomes inflamed and scarred. Interstitial pneumonia can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms, from coughing to shortness of breath to tiredness.


And his mother’s prognosis is rather concerning. He shared that she currently only has 37% of her lung function remaining, and her health is deteriorating. 


“Not long ago, her doctor told us… you should get ready to say goodbye to her because it could happen anytime now.”


Even if Eunhyuk’s mother successfully gets a lung transplant, unfortunately, the star said that she might only have seven years left at most. Thus, he decided to buy a comfortable home fitted with helpful appliances like a stair-lift so he could spend precious time with his mom.



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After living away from his family for around 20 years, Eunhyuk explained that he feels like he hasn’t been able to do much for his parents. He vowed,


“I’m planning on doing my best for them, and be a good son until I can.”


We wish Eunhyuk’s mother the best, and may the family get through this difficult time with ease. 


*Cover image via Maxim Bachelor Party 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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