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You Will Not Believe What Willow Smith Orchestrated For Mother’s Day

today8 May 2021


Willow Smith treated her mother to an epic, front-row seat performance on this special day…with her mother’s bandmates. 


What better way to pay tribute to the woman who fronted the nu-metal band ‘Wicked Wisdom’ than to take the stage and perform one of their older songs for her!



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In an IGTV post, Smith is seen declaring her love for her mother, Hollywood star Jada Pinkett Smith, by saying,


“Mom, I just love you so much and I just want you to feel a tiny little bit of the gratitude and the love that you have given me throughout my entire life and continue to give me, and I just wanna say Happy Mother’s Day and you’re just always gonna be Superwoman and Bad A** B**** in my book, so I love you.”


The video proceeds to show Smith leading her mother outside to see her band ‘Wicked Wisdom’ decked out in their courtyard, before belting out one of their songs originally performed by Pinkett Smith herself. 


“I love your pain and how it makes me feel inside. I love your pain and how it opens you so wide,” Smith wails into the microphone as her mother mouths the words and dances along. 


Pinket Smith formed the band back in 2002, taking the role of lead vocals — something you can clearly see reflected in her daughter’s riveting performance. The band is managed by  Overbrook Entertainment, a company co-founded by Pinkett Smith’s husband Will Smith.


Wicked Wisdom


Smith says that the performance has “been in the works for a couple of months” and that they “have been rehearsing all week” and it has truly paid off!


In case you’re interested to hear what the original version sounds like, you can check it out below! 


*Cover image via Hype Hair 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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