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Zizan Razak Praises Aliff Syukri’s Raya Song, Says It’s ‘International Level’ Quality

today10 May 2021


Can you bop to this?

Cosmetic entrepreneur Aliff Syukri expressed his feeling of gratefulness as his new Raya song ‘Lala Raya’ received outstanding feedback from his listeners on YouTube.


Here is the video:



Despite facing serious competition from other great talents, Aliff did not anticipate that the song would be trending to the point that it would rake up many views.

The entrepreneur that found himself facing controversy during the making of the music video, felt that the high number of views was considered a win for him.


He captioned the post:

“I can’t believe victory is on my side. This song is trending at number one even with tough competition from more than 6 artists releasing Raya songs this year. Oh my God am I dreaming? I want to make prayers. I feel like this is a dream and I can’t move on with how this song can be enjoyed by Malaysians.”

In fact, his fellow artist friends also complimented his work and congratulated him on the success he obtained from it while admitting that they were entertained by Aliff’s singing.

Among those who complimented him would include actor Zizan Razak that felt that the cosmetic entrepreneur had a huge talent as a singer.


“It seems that Datuk (Aliff) is the number one singer in the country…trending number one, your vocals are like Western singers. Hopefully, you can perform at the Grammy Awards after this”

Lala Raya (2021) was created by Amy Ukays and Aliff’s wife herself, Datin Seri Nur Shahidah Mohd Rashid. As of the time writing, the video on YouTube has 1.4 million views.

So what do you guys think? Is this song you’re going to play at home during Raya? Let us know!

*Cover Image Credit: YouTube/TV Terlajak Laris

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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