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“Lupin Part 2” Promises To Answer These Burning Questions When It Drops Tomorrow

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We’re not sure what got us hooked on Lupin in the first place – the inexplicable pull of the City of Love, the charming Omar Sy, or the incredible twists and turns that the plot seems to be riddled with – but Lupin has become one of the biggest hits of 2021. Its contemporary retelling of the classic French story of a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 has riveted audiences worldwide. Sure, it is not the first non-English series to top the “must watch” list on Netflix, but it has definitely proven itself as a major player in the realm of TV streaming. If you’ve been wondering why the series feels familiar, it’s probably because it’s been directed by Louis Leterrier, the director for the mindboggling 2013 American heist thriller film ‘Now You See Me’. But if – like many of us – you’ve made it to the fifth episode on Netflix, you’d have only be left craving more. After all, the cliffhanger has left us wondering…


1. What will happen to Raoul?

Source: Netflix

If you’ve seen the trailer (you really, really should because there’s an EXCITING AS HECK Easter egg in it), you’ll know that Assane is on a warpath. Assane’s decades-long crusade to bring down the man who ultimately led to his father’s death has now been fueled by the kidnapping of his son, Raoul. From seeking justice, will we see Assane go down the path of vengeance? After all, instead of sleight of hand, he’s now got a gun in his hands. How far will he go to save Raoul, and will Raoul come out of this unscathed (or, with the knowledge that his father is Lupin personified?)


2. Is the lesser of two evils… teamwork?

Source: Netflix

As plots allow for, this is a twist we hope they go with, because here’s the thing: as the case unfolds, we see Youssef grow increasingly focused on the fact that there is someone acting as Lupin. Youssef is convinced that someone is bringing the fictional character to life and even admires the way that this imitator has managed to pull off some of the more daring moves. But now that he’s come face to face with Assane, will his admiration for the ‘Gentleman Butler’ outweigh his role as a cop? After all, it’s not as if his colleagues are taking him seriously. Plus, there’s also the fact that Assane is basically trying to oust a crime that’s since been swept under the rug. Will Assane be using this and his silver tongue to convince Youssef to team up with him? Or… will there be a twist on top of a twist and will Youssef act like an ally only to later throw Assane into jail?


3. Will Hubert Pelligrini pay for what he did to Assane Diop’s father?

Source: Netflix

Like the snake that he is, Hubert Pellegrini manages to slip out of every corner that Assane backs him into. Now that we’re moving towards the end of the season, we’re going to be seeing more of Pellegrini. Will his power and connections know no bounds? If it’s any consolation, the fact that Pellegrini is always a few steps behind Assane could be the catalyst to his demise. Pellegrini’s ego and narcissism cause him to fail to connect Babakar Diop’s son with the extravagant plot (because really, what better word to describe a show that staged ramming a sports car into the Lourve?). Now, with the two opposing forces – Pellegrini trying to protect his fortune and Assane trying to avenge his father – will we see the hero come out victorious or will we see a broken legal system continue to favour the rich and powerful?


4. Speaking of the Pellegrini’s… what’s going to happen with Juliette Pellegrini?

Source: Netflix

If there’s one thing Juliette Pellegrini cares about – it’s her foundation. She says as much when she confronts her father about the arms deal video that Assane leaked. However, there’s also the fact that Assane is her ‘Romeo’. A lot of her heart is involved in the plot: her love for her work, her love for Assane and her loyalty to her family. Although, there is an obvious tension between her and her father, as there are moments in the show where she reacts in fear to her father. So, at the end of the day, which side of the fence will Juliette be on? She’s clearly one of the smartest in the whole show, but will her heart override her logic? It wouldn’t be a surprise if she’s the key to one of the bigger plot twists in the second part of the season.


He’s Back! Here’s What The World’s Favourite Gentleman Burglar Is Up To In ‘Lupin Part 2’


Part 2 will comprise of 5 new episodes directed by Ludovic Bernard (‘The Climb’) and Hugo Gélin (‘Love at second sight’). There are even talks of – maybe – bringing in Sherlock Holmes. Looks like all our questions will be answered tomorrow!


*Cover image credits: Netflix

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