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Doctor Strange’s ‘Wandavision’ Cameo Was Scrapped And Kevin Feige Explains Why

today4 May 2021


Would’ve been a nice addition though.

Chief of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige has confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone that actor Benedict Cumberbatch did sign to appear as the Sorcerer Supreme in the season finale of of Wandavision, but the plan was disapproved.


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“Some people might say, ‘Oh, it would’ve been so cool to see Dr. Strange,’” Kevin explained. “But it would have taken away from Wanda, which is what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t want the end of the show to be commoditized to go to the next movie — here’s the white guy, ‘Let me show you how power works.’”


Photo via BBC Worldwide


It was more than just about Dr. Strange mansplaining her powers. Jac Schaeffer, head writer of Wandavision reveals they did toss the idea around of having him appear in one of the show’s ads. Talks about a storyline involving Strange and Wanda exchanging message were also ongoing.


Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images


Back in February, Elizabeth Olsen told TVLine that WandaVision was going to have a cameo on par with Luke Skywalker’s surprise appearance on the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian. Olsen didn’t say more, except admitting, “I’m really excited.” Paul Bettany further fueled the flames of speculation in an Esquire interview, saying, “Of all of the characters that we were trying to keep secret, a lot of them got out through leaks, there is one character that has not been revealed.”



“It’s an actor that I’ve longed to work with all of my life,” Bettany continued. “We have some amazing scenes together and the chemistry between us is, I think, extraordinary. It’s just fireworks on set. So, I’m really excited for people to see that stuff.”

We’re most likely to see Wanda next in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness, so there’s something to look forward to for all you Marvel fans, specifically for Wandavision lovers!

Photo Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

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Written by: Mifzal Malik

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