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Ellen Pompeo Responds To Fan Who Claimed “this season [of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’] was dumpster ? trash!”

We should all be a little more like Ellen.



How would you respond to hate comments?


While some can grate on your nerves and leave you feeling a little down in the dumps, this Grey’s Anatomy star has a heart so big that public criticisms do not faze her at all! 


As the long-running hit medical drama leaves season 17 behind and heads into the next one, a fan openly criticized the recently completed season via Twitter. Instead of fighting fire with fire, however, main actress Ellen Pompeo — who has been playing Meredith Grey since the first episode of the show aired in 2005 — is more than open to feedback and criticism.



Other users joined in by offering their opinions on the show.



Some fans also chalked up the less-than-encouraging reviews to pandemic exhaustion.



Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Finale Finally Catches Up To COVID-19 Pandemic Year


When a Twitter user asked…


“Have you had time to watch your own show? How do you feel about it?” 


Pompeo responded with:


“Don’t watch most of the time .. occasionally to watch with the fans”


This particular season featured plenty of debated storylines and moments, including a scene where, in a dream sequence, Meredith debated leaving her children in order to live happily with Derek. Season 17 also saw the departure of longtime cast members such as Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca) and Jesse Williams (Jackson Avery). 


With everything that we put out into this world, there are bound to be a few negative responses here and there. But it’s important to recognise that we tried our best, and others are entitled to their opinions.  


*Cover image via ABC Studios

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