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Top 3 TV Characters Who Died Before Their Time

today13 April 2021


(Major spoilers ahead! Proceed with caution!)


Nothing feels the same anymore after your favourite character dies. You miss them, and you miss them dearly. 




And as much as you wish you could call up the writers to say, “BRING THEM BACK. PLEASE. I WOULD DO ANYTHING,” that’s obviously not going to happen.



Here’s a look at the top 3 TV characters who still own our hearts, even though they are long gone. 


1. Marissa Cooper from ‘The O.C.’


Marissa Cooper has always had the air of a tragic heroine surrounding her. From various family issues and a drinking habit, she was bound to be written off in a dark, depressing way. 

Yet, when she did die, it still came as surprise; seemingly written into the script out of nowhere.  She wasn’t sick. She didn’t have enemies out for her blood.

But she did have a jealous, angry ex who ended up running her car off the road!



2. Nairobi from ‘Money Heist’

Film Daily

The character of Nairobi is a work of art. She’s a loyal second-in-command who assumes the role of a leader seamlessly. She’s fierce, but she’s loving. She’s a robber, but she’s compassionate. 

Nairobi had a brush with death when she was shot through the window by a sniper. Frazzled, her friends scrambled to save her life by performing surgery despite their limited medical knowledge. 

Against all odds, Nairobi survived…only to be killed later on with a bullet to the head. 



3. Ned Stark from ‘Game of Thrones’


Characters die all the time in ‘Games of Thrones’ so it really shouldn’t be a big deal!

Except it is. 

When Joffrey demanded for Ned’s head, most people didn’t think he would actually get it. Even when Ned was brought to the execution platform, many still expected him to be able to escape. 

In fact, even as his head was taken away, it’s still hard to accept that he is gone. 



Do you have a character death that broke your heart? Let us know in the comments!




*Cover image via 29 Secrets 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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