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10 New Pop Songs To Get You Through The Week

Looking for some mid-week motivation?



Looking for some mid-week motivation to help you through the start of yet another week in 2021? Fret not we totally feel the blues right there with you, and of course, with some music to the rescue, we’ve got you covered! These 10 tracks from artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Joywave, Max Leo, and Justin Bieber will get you pumped up to take on the week with ease.


1. Ellise – Feeling Something Bad…

Video credit: Ellise

Totally Billie Eilish vibes! This will be Ellise’s second single for her upcoming album.


2. Olivia Rodrigo – Deja Vu

Video credit: Olivia Rodrigo

Deja vu is the second single by Olivia Rodrigo, following the breakout success of her debut single, drivers license.


3. Joywave – After Coffee

Video credit: Joywave

After Coffee is the band’s first new release since March 2020’s Possession. The track is “a celebration of the mundane.”


4. Max Leo – Breaking My Heart

Video credit: Max Leo

New to the scene Max Leo says that Breaking My Heart is “not an idealistic breakup song, it’s a realistic one.”


5. Justin Bieber ft Daniel Caeser & Giveon – Peaches

Video credit: Justin Bieber 

On the latest Billboard Hot 100, Justin Bieber scores his seventh No. 1 hit with Peaches.


6. Demi Lovato – Dancing with the Devil

Video credits: Demi Lovato 

The song follows Demi going through changes and finding her feet after shedding the image created for her as a child star.


7. Dua Lipa – We’re Good

Video credit: Dua Lipa 

Dua Lipa fantasizes about an amicable breakup with her partner. The track is slightly different from Dua’s usual electro-pop sound and dives into a more tropical one.


8. Justin Bieber – Hold On

Video credit: Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber’s telling us all to hang in there with his song Hold On, robbing a bank in the music video, and hitting fans in the feels with some pretty emotional lyrics.


9. P!nk – Cover Me In Sunshine

Video Credit: P!NK

This is a song close to the singer’s heart as her daughter Willow features her vocals in the song!


10. Jason Derulo ft Adam Levine – Lifestyle

Video credit: Jason Derulo

Derulo also released a groovy dance video that will surely make the rounds on TikTok.

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