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7 Calming Instagram Accounts To Follow To Soothe Away Your Anxiety

today29 March 2021


With adorable photos of puppies and oddly satisfying 60-second art videos, Instagram can easily become the safe haven you need during this pandemic. To help gear you toward some feel-good content, here are some calming Instagram accounts that are sure to give you some relief during such unprecedented times. 

1. @MignonetteTakesPicture 


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A post shared by @mignonettetakespictures

Whenever a Mignonette post comes through your feed you’ll immediately feel calm. Between soothing landscapes and cute baby animals, it’s nice to lose yourself here for a few moments. It’s kind of escapist, but very sweet.

2. @Boopmynose


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A post shared by Boop My Nose ®️ (@boopmynose)

Boop My Nose is an Instagram account that provides exactly what it sounds like—pictures of dog’s noses! And followers can simply “boop” them by double-tapping, which provides the account with a “like.”

3. @smoothiethecat


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A post shared by Smoothie the Cat (@smoothiethecat)

Nicknamed the “Queen of Fluff,” Smoothie is honestly one of the prettiest cats we’ve ever seen—and she seems to know how photogenic she is, too. She’s also featured in a YouTube video in which she and best pal Milkshake try to retrieve an ice cube. 

4. @jatiputra 


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A post shared by Jati Putra Pratama (@jatiputra)

Indonesian graphic designer Jati Putra Pratama creates stunning landscape scenes that are manipulated so they appear to almost fall or fold into themselves. The gravity-defying images on his feed often give off a feeling of calm, transporting you from your phone screen into another realm where anything’s possible. 

5. @lokokitchen 


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A post shared by Lauren Ko (she/her) (@lokokitchen)

Fan of pies? Lauren Ko has you covered. This baker based in Seattle, Washington, creates intricate, geometrically pleasing pie crusts and posts them for all of Instagram to see. You almost hope no one eats the pies because they’re just so beautiful to look at and too perfect to mess up!

6. @StephenCooksFrench 

Hey look! Another food page for you. This account is strangely soothing—it’s just a guy cooking one classic French dish a day and plating it up in a smart, simple way. We can’t really explain why we’re enjoying it right now, but we are. 

7. @calm


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A post shared by Calm (@calm)

Last but not least, the official Instagram account for the trustworthy meditation app—Calm not only provides guided meditations and soothing bedtime stories, but it also shares motivational quotes and mindfulness exercises on its Instagram account.  

Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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today29 March 2021

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