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Green & Clean: 5 Malaysian Beauty Brands That Promote Organic-Based Products

today24 March 2021


What is clean beauty?Β 

Sustainable beauty nowadays goes beyond just recyclable and reusable packagingβ€”it covers each step in the product life cycle; from sourcing ingredients, to logistics, all set for more dynamic outcomes.Β 

As Malaysian consumers, we become more aware of healthy and natural beauty products. With that remark, skincare companies in our region are stepping up to cater to the market. Here are five local brands that offer toxin-free and chemical-free excellence.Β 

1. Skinned.CoΒ 

Alissa Emalyn, who suffered from eczema and a sensitive skin problem decided to create Skinned.Coβ€”a natural beauty product that offers non toxic ingredients. Their main product, the β€˜Lock & Stay Serum’ was made specially for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Offering the best formulated lightweight, all-skin friendly product that not only hydrates your skin, but helps to restore the damaged condition of the skin barrier.


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2. Root Remedies

From moisturizers to hair and body care products, Root Remedies is a Malaysian-made skin care brand dedicated to bringing high quality, natural and minimal products suits for all skin conditions. Their products are fabricated with up to 90% natural ingredients with no unnecessary synthetic bit or preservatives inside. Even the smells of their products come from natural sources; essential oils and plant extracts.


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3. Meizlab

Established in 2015, Meizlab started when the founder created her very first homemade face cream and the results came out surprisingly good. From there, she took some lessons and did a lot of research on how to create natural cosmetics products. Produced using only natural and clean ingredients, each recipe has gone through trials and errors to ensure that the product is safe for everyone.Β 


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4. Glow in the light

Every woman deserves a skin that brings out confidence. Thus, at Glow In The Light they aim to keep their ingredients minimal yet effective with reasonable price range. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, their best selling serum draws moisture to the skin for deeper hydrationβ€”packed with Vitamin B5, and free from parabens and harmful fragrance.Β 

5. The Minimal SkinΒ 

With eco-friendly packaging that are recyclable, The Minimal Skin is a homegrown product that promotes natural, vegan-free, and cruelty-free, sustainable skincare. They are mindfully handcrafted in small batches with clean and minimal ingredientsβ€”like Hemp Seed which is rich in omega acids to help hydrate and draw moisture to your skinβ€”suitable for all skin types!


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Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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