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Hell’s Kitchen: 3 Chaotic Moments That Made Pop-Culture History

today11 April 2021


Chef Ramsay’s loud barks can make anyone’s heartbeat stutter a little, even if it’s just from a digital screen. The man is intimidating! But in the heat of the moment (and in the heat of the kitchen) it’s easy to understand why he loses it every once in a while. 


Check out the 3 chaotic moments below!


1. When a contestant breaks down into tears

Aaron Song, a contestant from season 3 began crying for no apparent reason. But judging from the culture at Hell’s Kitchen, it was most likely due to the mounting pressure and constant disorder surrounding the show. 


He had moments of brilliance before his health started failing him, rendering him unable to return. Sadly, Aaron passed away in 2010 due to diabetes complications.


2. When Chef Ramsay punched an innocent salmon


A contestant made the mistake of serving undercooked salmon in season 16, and the salmon paid for it. Frustrated by the amateurish error, Chef Ramsay slammed his fist into the raw fish.


What made him even more furious was the fact that the salmon was supposed to be served to pregnant women!


3. When Chef Ramsay put a piece of bread on each side of Julie Chen’s face 


This is it. The scene that birthed many, many memes on social media. 


While this moment was simply a gag and was scripted, it’s definitely the best and memorable scene of Hell’s Kitchen yet! This was filmed in the CBS cafeteria, where James Corden invited Chef Ramsay to put his and Julie Chen’s cooking skills to the test. 


But hey, Chef Ramsay is not all the way scary! Sometimes, his soft and gooey side makes an appearance and it’s pretty heartwarming. Look at the way he treats children on MasterChef Junior!


*Cover image via Useless Daily 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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