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Psst, Here Are Some Cute Christmas Date Ideas (On A Budget)

Cheap, but cute



Oh, so you’re one of those lucky people who has someone to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas, huh? First off, yes, we single people are jealous, and second, aww—congrats, you have someone to do all those cheesy but cute stuff on holidays! *sobs*

But as everyone is already aware, celebrating the holiday this year in the middle of the pandemic means a slight change in normal plans. Sure, you might not be able to go ice skating or dancing at some expensive rooftop bar with you S.O, but there are still plenty of romantic, Christmas-y things you can do this year that are safe and socially distant. Check these out:

1. Christmas Theme Karaoke Sing-Off

Okay, so you can’t exactly go around your neighborhood caroling because, yup, avoid standing close to people—let alone *entertaining*. Here’s a solution: Bring the singing home and have a Christmas carol karaoke night. You can find instrumental versions to your favorite Xmas classics anywhere on YouTube, so just grab your phone or laptop and get to singing. 

2. Binge Watch Netflix Christmas Flicks

Whether you love Netflix Christmas specials or think they’re the definition of cringe, you have to admit, watching them is pretty addicting. This year, celebrate the holidays by binging all of your favorite classics with your Christmas bae. (And yes, this includes the movie where Vanessa Hudgens plays two characters.)

3. Hot Chocolate-y Date At Night

Ahhhh, you could never go wrong with this one. If you and your partner feel comfortable dining outdoors (with socially-distanced heated seating, ofc), try a night of hot cocoa tasting. Hop from cafe to cafe to try hot chocolates and rate each one. You can even tally up your points at the end of the night and decide on a winner. Yay! 


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4. Decorate Gingerbread House! 

I mean, is it really Christmas if you don’t bust out your best gingerbread house decorating skills? Get all the ingredients beforehand and make it a decorating competition: Winner gets first dibs on biting into the delicious designs. Teehee. 

5. Do A (Christmas) Photoshoot

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take your Christmas photos for you. What you do need: a tripod and a great imagination. Spend your Christmas taking adorable, goofy, or sexy Christmas pics with your partner. And if you create a masterpiece (which you will, of course), then you have something great to send out to family and friends—or hide away in the bottom of your drawer forever. *Wink* 

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