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No Better Way To Celebrate Father’s Day Than By Watching These Movies!

Sit your old man down and hit “play”



They say that your father is your first love, and it’s true!

Since we’re in a pandemic (and going outside is not encouraged because, you know, we have to contain the spread of the virus) why not kick back on the couch and watch these films with your dad! Or, if you live far apart, you can still put them on to remember him.

Let’s begin!


1. The Pursuit of Happyness 

If you’re up for a little crying session, this flick is a must-watch. 

Starring Will Smith and his IRL son Jaden, it follows the tale of a single father who struggles to take care of his son financially after his wife leaves him. The father and son are rendered homeless and forced to stay in multiple shelters, all the while keeping their bond strong even when they have nothing else.

Make sure you’ve got tissues nearby.


2. Star Wars

Personally, I have yet to meet a dad who doesn’t enjoy Star Wars. Is it a dad thing? Or is it a generational thing? Anyway, this epic space adventure has spawned 9 films chronicling the Skywalkers saga, 2 standalone films and 1 TV film. So take your pick and buckle in!


3. Cheaper By The Dozen 

Here’s a light-hearted comedy that will have you and your dad (and the rest of the family) laughing your socks off. 

Starring Steve Martin, this movie aptly captures how dads are just trying to do their best in raising their children — and in this flick, there are 12 children involved. Sure, it can be tough — from fighting over rooms and bathrooms and various devious pranks — but at the end of the day, the fun you have together is all that matters!


Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there ❤️


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