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Should You Watch The Star-Studded Alice In Wonderland x Peter Pan Mash Up Movie?

today16 November 2020


‘Alice In Wonderland’ and ‘Peter Pan’ are childhood staples, with the former giving a fantastical spin to the struggles that children face to survive in the confusing world of adults while the latter teaches you the importance of family and familial love. Two very separate stories, with equally memorable plotlines (and corresponding Disney animated movies). But what if you were to take the two main characters from both stories and make them siblings? Sounds odd, right? Well the new, ‘Come Away’ does just that. Screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the movie stars David Oyelowo and Angelina Jolie and loosely follows the plots of both original children’s tales. As a family, the characters enjoy an amazing life in the countryside until ‘tragedy strikes’ and the children find themselves caught up in their own realms of refuge from their once beautiful childhoods.



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Other than the standout premise, the movie is gaining traction for the diversity of its cast. Keira Chansa, who plays the young Alice says of her part,


“I’ve always watched the films and read the books, and it was always a white girl. So to be able to experience it, to be somebody who looks like me, is a big change in the world and makes a big difference.”




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But the changes shouldn’t be too jarring. 44-year-old British-American actor David Oyelowo, who plays the children’s father Jack, says:


Audiences always gravitate to the familiar, that’s coming at them in a fresh way. Like having Peter Pan and Alice from Alice in Wonderland and the world of Neverland and Wonderland combined in a way that is both grounded and yet feels fantastical. And also the fact they approached me to play the father of both Alice and Peter, which means you are getting to see it in a different way than you’ve seen before, with a different kind of Alice and a different kind of Peter.”


The movie has just been released in the US and is set to premiere in the UK on the 4th of December. As of yet, reviews have been mixed. The Gate’s review of the movie is somewhat promising, as it describes the movie as being:


“A daring and gutsy contemplation of family bonds and loss that dares to rewrite two of history’s most beloved children’s stories of all time, director Brenda Chapman’s Come Away might be too bleak and heady for many kids and too fantastical for cynical adults. But for anyone who can find a sweet spot between those settings and has no qualms about Chapman’s literary influences being vastly rewritten is in for a genuine treat and one of the most original (if admittedly imperfect) films of the year.”


Watch the trailer here:

Written by: Marissa Anne

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today16 November 2020

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