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Why You Need To Watch Angelina Jolie’s “Those Who Wish Me Dead”

today5 May 2021


First off, let me start by saying that A) this is a spoiler-free review and B) this film might hit you harder than you think, and in ways you didn’t expect. 

I honestly went in thinking this was going to be a super-cool action-packed survival thriller where the characters rely on wits and grit to escape the forces that threaten them (the two bad guys and the true nemesis in the film — the forest fire). While I was not wrong, I was also sent off onto an emotional roller-coaster ride throughout the whole 100-minute duration.

Warner Bros. Pictures

This film is rated R for a reason — prepare yourselves for shocking violence and brutality that will make you flinch every few minutes…unless, of course, you’re into this kind of thing. It is also as harrowing as it is action-packed, showcasing the bond between two strangers that transcends that of blood. 

And there was a whole lot of blood. Gouts of it. 

Warner Bros. Pictures

Although this movie stars Hollywood A-Lister Angelina Jolie, it’s our little “buddy” Finn Little who truly steals the show. The 14-year-old doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page (yet) but his talent is phenomenal. His acting ability — from his layered facial expressions, his posture, and the little breaks in his voice during emotional scenes — is absolutely gripping and has me sobbing along with him. He totally nails his portrayal of a young man who has witnessed one too many horrors in the early years of his life. 


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Jolie, on the other hand, showed exactly why she is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. Her character was portrayed as strong yet fragile, both tough and nurturing, and haunted by a mistake she could not undo. It’s worth mentioning that Nicholas Hoult, who plays a ruthless assassin, has come a long way as well from his ‘Skins’ days. 


P/S: There’s also a bonus subplot involving a married couple that provides an impact on the overall tone of the film. 


Watch it and let us know what you think! In the meantime, watch the trailer below: 



*Cover image via Warner Bros. Pictures 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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