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Zac Efron’s Latest Project Involves Stephen King & The Reboot of Another Classic

today1 October 2020


Zachary David Alexander Efron sure has come a long way since his stint on the ‘High School Musical’ franchise back in the 2000s. From an adorable, singing mophead to a hunky lifeguard in ‘Baywatch’ his evolution as both a man and an actor is seeing him in some extraordinary roles. Take his portrayal of seriel killer Ted Bundy in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ where he carries the movie through from start to end thanks to his “compulsively watchable performance”. Now, he may be adding the role of ‘dad’ to his list of character portrayals.



This is thanks to the role that Efron has scored in the reboot of Stephen King’s sci-fi thriller, ‘Firestarter’. Although it has yet to be confirmed (Per a press release from Universal Pictures) Zac Efron has signed on to star in the movie and it is almost certain that Efron will be taking the role of ‘Andrew McGee’, a young father who is forced to go on the run with his gifted daughter when they are hunted by a government agency known as “The Shop.” In the book (published way back in 1980), McGee’s daughter Charlie has powerful pyrokinetic ability (i.e. sets things on fire with her mind) while McGee himself has something he calls ‘the push’ (a telepathic form of mind control). The book, upon publication, was nominated for the title of Best Novel for the British Fantasy Award, Locus Poll Award and Balrog Award. It was later adapted into a film in 1984 and starred 8-year-old Drew Barrymore as ‘Charlie’ and David Keith as ‘Andrew’.


This is the second remake that Efron is set to star in. Earlier in August, he was confirmed for the reboot of the 1987 comedy, ‘Three Men And A Little Lady’. Both remakes are still in discussion and thus, it is unclear which we will get to see first. As of now, Efron is busy with his docu-series ‘Down to Earth’ that he is currently producing with (his own production company) Ninjas Runnin Wild Productions and is now being streamed on Netflix. The show focuses on Efron roaming the world while exploring  a sustainable way of survival.



Until we get to see the reboot, catch the trailer for the 1984 movie starring Drew Barrymore:


Written by: Marissa Anne

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