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Fly’s AM Mayhem Call Henry Golding, BTS and Vin Diesel By Using This Simple Theory! #FlyPassTheNumber

today13 March 2020


Fly’s AM Mayhem is at it again!

This time with the fun that ends up being, the less fun for RD! Why you say? Keep on reading!
This weeks mission was called #FlyPassTheNumber. Hafiz, Guibo and RD needed to reach 3 big celebrities Henry Golding, BTS, and Vin Diesel.


Fly’s AM Mayhem wants to prove the 6 degrees of separation theory through phone calls!

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. Also known as the 6 Handshakes rule. As a result, a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps, according to Wikipedia.

RD explains the theory right here.

So that’s how the name #FlyPassTheNumber came about!

How it works?

Throughout the week (from 10 – 12 March), Fly’s AM Mayhem have to reach out to 3 celebrities through just 6 calls.

– Guibo’s mission is to reach Henry Golding. Ever since the success of Crazy Rich Asian, Guibo wants to remind Henry Golding of his roots by giving him a call.

The Punishment if he fails:  Reveal his very own phone number on air!

-RD’s mission is to reach the one and only BTS. Why? For the sake of BTS fans of course! So RD’s task is to try his best to get the groups leader and rapper RM’s number.

Punishment: Shave hair

-Hafiz is known as the Vin Diesel of Malaysia, so it’s only fitting that his mission is to reach the famous actor and talk to him!

Punishment: Shave eyebrow

The goal of the game is to successfully reach the celebrity or to get their number, OR risk a major punishment!

Here is how it all went down…

Tuesday, 10 March: Fly’s AM Mayhem Guibo tried to prove the theory by reaching Henry Golding within 6 calls. Guibo managed to get 4 different callers of those who all once worked or are good friend of the actor.
But even with all those connections, did he manage to get through and talk to Golding himself?

Watch the clip below.

Sadly Guibo failed, and was forced to reveal his phone number on air for anyone to call and text him. Ladies, take this chance while you still can!
Wednesday, 11 March: It was RD’s turn to try out the theory and prove that he can reach BTS RM, with just by 6 calls.

His first call was to OneFM Ding, who didn’t have RM’s number but had the right person for him to call, in the hopes of reaching the global star. But, did he manage?

Watch here.

Unfortunately, RD didn’t get through even though he was SOOO CLOSE!!! The call came to a dead end when he called the Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ label and management, and it went straight to voicemail because the office was still closed.

As punishment RD had to shave ALL  his hair off!

Thursday,12 March: It was all up to Hafiz now! Fly’s AM Mayhem Hafiz, tries one more time to prove the theory ( and to Guibo and RD) that he can reach Vin Diesel within 6 calls.

His first call was to Carmen, who happens to work in the movie industry, and right off the bat Carmen gave him the perfect person to call – Vin Diesel’s Agent, Kevin!
See how it went down.

They say third times the charm! And the Fly’s AM Mayhem proved that the 6 degrees of separation theory really works!

One of the few things we can learn from this, is to always stay connected with your friends! You never know if they might just be 6 degrees separated to a famous person!

Would you ever try this theory?

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Written by: Elyda

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