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Fly's AM Mayhem

Fly’s AM Mayhem RD Wants To Send His Aunt To Jail?!

today16 April 2020


Fly’s AM Mayhem RD, is ready to rat a relative out.

In today’s discussion on the Fly’s AM Mayhem Podcast, RD speaks out about a certain close relative who has been on his nerves for not following the law.

RD shared that his aunt, has been spreading fake news on social media and has ignored his advise to stop even after he confronted her on the matter!

“My aunty as lovely as she is, who makes the best rendang on the planet, has been sharing all these fake news, and I’ve actually gone to her house, she lives just down the road from me, and I’ve actually gone up to her face to face to tell her to stop sending me these fake news …”

“…So I think I’m going to have to call her out and probably report it to the police ” – RD

Should you call out your relatives that have been sharing fake news?

Here’s what FLY Rakyats have to say on social media

What does Hafiz and Guibo think of calling out people for sharing fake news?

Listen to the conversation and more here

As many will know, the government has taken stern action on those who spread news that aren’t verified information. According to the government, deleting fake news posts related to COVID-19 Coronavirus on social media, media portals etc, and apologising afterwards will not get you off the hook. So be careful!

 In conclusion, if you’re not sure? DON’T SHARE! And if you want to make sure a news is legit, just go to

Also, today is Wear Your Pyjamas To Work Day!

Do you prefer to wear your pajamas while studying/working during the Movement Control Order (MCO) or put effort in to dressing up? Let us know!

Written by: Elyda

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today16 April 2020

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