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Ebit Lew Gives New Home To Homeless Woman Who Slept Under A Tree For 14 Years

today12 May 2021


He does it again.


Ebit Lew had chanced upon a woman thrice, as she went about collecting scrap metal for a living. He later found out that the woman, 62-year-old Maaletchmy, had been pushing her trolley around and sleeping under a tree for 14 years. Ebit Lew shared the story through his Facebook:


Hari air mata. Pilu rasa hati. Aunty Maaletchmy ni tidur di bawah pokok kecil selama 14 tahun. Kerja kutip besi. Makcik…

Posted by Ebit Lew onΒ Monday, May 10, 2021


He continued to tell the tale of the aunty who was fluent in both Malay and English. She sleeps behind the tree to avoid being seen by the public. Her principle? She doesn’t want to burden others. According to Ebit Lew, other scrap metal collectors and those who knew the aunty were grateful that the entrepreneur had come forward to help.


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Aunty Maaletchmy was once married. Unfortunately, she was not treated well. To her, they can take advantage of her as long as they don’t hurt her. Ebit Lew was empathic listening to her story. After hearing the story of how she got evicted from her house for not being able to afford rent, he consoled her and convinced her to accept a free unit at Mentari Court.


It wasn’t easy for her to accept the house though.


“Ustaz, just give it (the house) to someone else who needs it more. I can look for money. If I work hard enough I can afford to eat and drink. I’m still healthy at 62 years old. Young at heart when you’re grateful and happy.”


Understandably, she doesn’t trust many people, so it was an achievement for Ebit Lew to be able to get her out of her situation. That night itself, after buying her some necessities such as clothes and food, he took her to her new house.


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Netizens applauded his effort. Among those who showered him with support was musician Sasi The Don (once again).


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


This netizen not only applauded but also donated to the entrepreneur: “Thank you Ustaz, a bit of donation to your charity Ustaz. Hope you’re always healthy. Happy fasting and Hari Raya.”


Photo via Facebook/Ebit Lew


Ebit Lew is a man that doesn’t stop giving, and he continues to inspire others through his own acts of kindness. Let’s take his good example as a reminder to help those less fortunate, to the best of our own capabilities.


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook/Ebit Lew

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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