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“Everyone Is At Risk”; Shocking Photos Show Food Delivery Man Being Harassed…By Another Man

today11 June 2021



TW: This article discusses sexual harassment


Every now and then you’re bound to hear of a case of harassment. The number of reported cases is alarming, but who knows how many cases go unreported.

However, it’s quite seldom you hear a case of a man being harassed…by another man.

Hence, this tweet by user @meccaelbernardi shocked netizens when it showed a food delivery man being offered inappropriate gestures in exchange for the food being delivered.



Photo via Twitter/@meccaelbernardi


In response to the shocking request, the caption below shows that he is considering resigning from his duties as a food delivery man.


Photo via Twitter/@meccaelbernardi


This second photo shows the customer offering inappropriate gestures in exchange for the food in case he doesn’t have enough money to pay for the meal.


Photo via Twitter/@meccaelbernardi


The last photo shows another customer doing the same, offering inappropriate gestures, merely for fun.


Photo via Twitter/@meccaelbernardi

The rider captions the photo “Next customer is the same, this is depressing,” indicating that he’s tired of the same situation.

The word ‘bottom” shown in the photo refers to a homosexual term that indicates that the man is ‘soft’, which means the opposing term “top” refers to a more muscular man.

@meccaelbernardi continued their thread with a warning that anyone can be a victim of this incident and further informed the public to stay safe.


Photo via Twitter/@meccaelbernardi


Netizens who saw the photos found the situation to be morbidly disgusting.  The disturbing photos are the reality of what people are facing every day. We highly encourage everyone to stay safe and take care of each other. Report such cases to the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) if you find yourself potentially becoming a victim. Together, we can make the country a better and safer place.

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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