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Food Delivery Rider’s Exchange With Customer’s Daughter Steals The Attention Of Netizens

today3 July 2021


Usually, if we order food online, it wouldn’t become an issue for the rider to find our house since all the information is already in the system.

However, things were different with this video that went viral on TikTok when this food delivery rider could not find the customer’s house.

Despite that, it was the conversation between the customer’s daughter on the phone that stole the attention of netizens for her spontaneous reactions that made the rider have a headache to engage with her.


Through the video uploaded by @umaisyaaa believed to be the sister of the child in the conversation, it was heard that the rider was calling the mother to find their house.

However, it was the child that picked up the phone because the mother was in the middle of a prayer.

The rider on the other hand was getting confused and did not understand the directions given and ended up leaving the house and waiting in front of the gate until the food was delivered.

Read the full story to this hilarious tale here.

*Cover Image Credits: TikTok  @umaisyaaa

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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