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Forgetting To Turn Off Her Mic, Girl Nonchalantly Sings In Front Of Deputy Vice-Chancellor

“She’s singing so animatedly ?”



The stuff of nightmares? Honestly, we’ve all thought, “Is my microphone REALLY off?” at least once since the start of the pandemic as the use of video calls and video conferences has become increasingly frequent. Our fears were not unfounded, as proven by this student, who went through a rather (adorably) embarrassing moment during a meeting with the top management of a public university.


Shamelessly Singing In Front Of The DVC


In a TikTok video uploaded by user __patehah, a girl is heard carefreely singing, without realising that her microphone was on. Embarrassingly, not only did the meeting include over 100 others, but also in attendance was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the university.  Not long after, one of the other attendees realised what was happening and asked the student to turn off her microphone. Those attending the meeting were bemused.


“Eh sempat dia nyanyi kat TNC. Yang penting enjoy. Faiza tolong off microfon. Sedap sangat suara tu. Buat konsert pula kau malam Jumaat ni ye.

(Eh she managed to sing to the DVC. What’s important is to enjoy. Faiza please turn off your microphone. Your voice is nice. Put on a concert instead on Friday night ye.)”


The video, which is 32-seconds long, had over 480,000 views and over 60,000 likes at the time of writing.

Read the full article here (in BM).



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