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How He Do Dat? Man Seen Flying In NYC

today24 June 2021


Is that…is that the Green Goblin?



New Yorkers were floored upon the sight of a man casually zig-zagging through the city…on what appears to be a giant, eight-rotor drone, cruising a solid ten feet above the ground. This is not unlike Willem Dafoe’s character in Sam Raimi’s 2002 superhero film, Spider-Man in which he played the green, evil villain. 



Dane DeHaan also had a taste of playing the same villain, zooming around on a hovercraft of his own in a deranged, maniacal state.



While the invention is impressive and could potentially change the transportation industry, a Twitter user voiced his concern regarding the sound of the mini-vehicle.



This was countered by another user, who claimed that the hoverboard seen is only a prototype and such inventions will be further improved.



And regarding the identity of the mystery man in the video? A Twitterian identified him as Hunter Kowald, a hoverboard aircraft developer.



According to his LinkedIn page, Kowald is an engineer specializing in research and development, complex problem solving, mechanical/electrical 3D design, theoretical mathematics as well product development. Here’s another look at the Kowald in action from another video!



Imagine if his hovercrafts are released to the market as an alternative to cars — we will surely be able to beat the menace of morning traffic!



We can’t wait to see what Kowald cooks up next!


*Cover image via IG @molivefreeordie 

Written by: Farah Qistina

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