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“I Cannot Forgive”; Local Model Slams Misogynic Men Who Attempt To Police Her Body

today21 June 2021

*T/W: This article discusses sexual harassment. Reader's discretion is advised


The fact that there are people who think it’s okay to comment on or attempt to dictate the choices we make with our own bodies is a never-ending issue. It’s especially prominent for women, who are often told what’s “appropriate” and what’s not. This particular incident is just another example of how this toxic cultural trait is one we could really do without. Model Riana Adams recently took to social media to slam the responses she got from men after she revealed her decision for and journey through surgery.



The surgery in question is for breast reduction, with the revelation coming in the form of a nervous video of herself before and after the process. In the tweet, she addresses the predators who have been breathing down her neck since she was a minor:


“Predatory men who followed me […] are now ANGRY that I am an adult with autonomy and respect for myself.”


She continued to vent that she’s been removing followers for months, indicating that this issue has been one she’s had to deal with for far too long.


“I’m tired of having to sit down and shut up and being called every name in the book trying to call out misogyny.”


She said that she would continue blocking those harassing her.


“You have all proven time and time again that you are not deserving of my time and forgiveness. I cannot forgive if the culture doesn’t change. I am not coming back to Malaysia.”


She also addressed those who suggested for her to go private on her accounts.


Photo via Twitter/@rianaadams


On the bright side, the 22-year-old had the support of her friends following this difficult moment.





You go, Riana! No one – women or men – deserves to be disrespected, harassed or policed in such a way. We must fight to kick misogyny out of the community for the betterment of society.


*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @rianaevett

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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