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“I Don’t Like To Buy Anything From Indians”; Bakery Exposes Conversation With Racist Customer

today20 June 2021


Tolerance towards other races is a must when you live in a multirace country like Malaysia. This is to ensure peace and harmony within the nation.

This posting on Instagram is an example of what you should not do when it comes to tolerance. A local bakery shared a Whatsapp conversation on Instagram showing their messages with a customer who seemed like they were not the type to be welcoming towards Indians.



The conversation starts with the customer asking a very direct question, “Your company owner is what race?”. The admin responds saying that they are run by people of various races but questions back why they would ask that kind of question.


“I don’t like to buy anything from Indians. That’s why I want to know. If got any Indian in your company tell me.”


The admin, keeping their calm and professionalism, responded accordingly.


“The opinion that you have shared is racist and we simply have no tolerance for that. Racism and discrimination are deep-rooted diseases of this country, and we work to ensure there is no space for that in this company and to call it out when we see it. This company is a space for individuals to grow personally and professionally, without any prejudice. Because of your disgusting remarks, we are not sorry to say that we would be happy to lose you as a customer. All the best.”


The admin captioned the post saying that this wasn’t the first time they received such messages and that it was time to expose the truth. They hoped that the hate culture could be stopped.

Among those who applauded the post were comedian influencer Harvinth Skin and Malaysian singer Yuna.



Photo via Instagram/@thirtyonefinebakes


We’re proud of Thirty One Fine Bakes for standing up against racism. The disgusting act deserves no place in the world, let alone in our own country.

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @thirtyonefinebakes

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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