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TikTok Famous EXs Air Their Grievances Online, Prompting Viewers Amusement

today4 May 2021


Err….aren’t these personal problems?


Relationship problems, whether they’re about your current partner or previous, should always be discussed and settled behind closed doors. After all, they’re personal problems, no? This, apparently, wasn’t the case with two particular individuals on TikTok, who thought it would be ideal to have a virtual confrontation on the video-sharing platform, witnessed by their hundreds of thousands of followers.



It all started with a video posted by the user in a short TikTok captioned:


“Tengah dengar kawan kau cerita yang dia menyesal asyik spend money untuk bf dia… Then kau baru sedar yang kau pernah sara laki tak guna hampir 1 tahun

(Listening to your friend tell you that she regrets always spending money on her bf… Then realising that you had once given welfare to a useless guy for almost 1 year)”


While she doesn’t name the “laki take guna (useless guy)”, her ex proceeds to respond in his own TikTok clip.



In the response video he says:


“Oi perempuan, tak puas lagi memalukan aku ke? Kau dah block aku kat TikTok, kau ingat aku tak tahuΒ  kau post pasal aku? Kau dah fitnah aku macam-macam, jangan sampai aku bukak aib engkau yang aku tutup selama ni eh? Aku sabar ni. Aku sabar ni.

(Oi woman, are you not satisfied yet with embarrassing me? You’ve already blocked me on TikTok, you think I don’t know that you posted about me? You slandered me, don’t make me expose your aib that I kept all this time. Don’t test me. Don’t test me.)”



She responds to the threat with another video, albeit a little longer and more authoritative one,Β  stating a few points:


1. She had not, in fact, mentioned him in any of the content she has made.

2. She did not block him first.

3. She does not have to teach him how to be professional as she believes he has been around in the ‘world of fame’ longer than she has.


She also addressed the “bukak aib”, issue telling him he might be mistaken, asking him to check with the “other girls” he has spoken to. She expresses her frustration towards his unappreciation of her, saying:

“Betul lah orang cakap. Anjing, kita bagi makan tiga hari, tiga tahun dia ingat. Manusia, kita bagi makan tiga tahun, tiga hari dia ludah balik muka kita

(It’s true what people say. Dogs, we feed them three days, they’ll remember for three years. Humans, we feed them for three years, in three days they’ll spit back at you).”


She ended her video by giving him the option of either settling the issue face to face, or going to the police station. As this all unfolded online, their followers were left more amused than concerned. The top comment reads: “Fighting personally ❌, Fighting through TikTok βœ”οΈ”


This viewer showed no concern over the problem and rather came for the sake of entertainment, joking: “VIP Seat here!!! One ticket RM 5 free pop corn! First come first serve!!”



This viewer questioned whether or not the police would actually care about the case: “Go to the station? Idk if the police will attend to small matters like this.”



It’s quite the drama to witness here, but if there is one lesson to take, it’s to keep relationship problems off social media. Relationships are no one else’s business. It’s only between you and your partner, whether you’re still together or not.


*Cover image credits: TikTok

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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today4 May 2021

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