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“Joe Flizzow Copy”: Man Who Smashes Car Window Goes Viral For Being Rappers Doppelgänger

today19 April 2021


Two clips, 26 and 34 seconds long respectively, posted by Twitter user @jnmalaysia have gone viral. Now, the video showcases a group of men attacking and smashing the window of a car. The first video starts off with a man attempting to break the car window with his bare hands – he fails. Relentless, he then goes back to his car, grabs an unidentifiable object, and throws it at the window. The second video, even more disturbing than the first, shows another man attacking the victim that is recording the incident with a baseball bat.


The first video can be seen here (do note: the video may be disturbing for some) –



And while many expressed their disdain at the group of men for their aggression, a few netizens couldn’t help but notice that one of the men – the one who attempts to break the window with his hands – resembles well known local rapper, Joe Flizzow.  



This viewer joked: “Since you know you can’t break it with your hands, use your teeth,”



We’ll let this one speak for itself:


(For the uninitiated, ‘rasengan’ refers to the spinning ball of chakra formed and held in the palm of the user’s hand – only known to a handful of shinobi – as seen in ‘Naruto’.)


This Twitter user had no chill with his response. He joked: “This is a new marketing strategy to get people to go to the car workshop,”



On a more serious note, the police have been alerted to and gotten a hold of the footage. According to the report, the victim’s car was hit in the rear by the suspect’s car. The suspect then reacted by smashing the victim’s car, hitting him with a baseball bat and confiscating the phone owned by the victim’s cousin. All suspects involved in the altercation have been detained.


We hope the victims in the video are safe! Road rage is real, guys! While it’s not every day your car gets rear-ended and things escalate to such a degree, if you were to find yourself in a similar incident, ensure to call the relevant authorities (the police), take note of the details of the people involved (car number plate, description of the person, time and place of the incident) and make a report at the nearest police station immediately. Most importantly, remain calm and stay safe!


*Cover image credits:  @jnmalaysia / @joeflizzow

Written by: Shah

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