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#KitaJagaKita: Malaysians Bombard Disabled Sellers Online Store With Orders After Going Viral On Twitter

today18 April 2021


Malaysians have always shown their eagerness to help each other out with their businesses ever since this pandemic began. After all, many are struggling to stay afloat and put food on their tables. Over the weekend, this energy was shown when Twitter user @shykinn shared screenshots of a seller’s live session on an online business platform.



From the tweet, she explains that she came across a live session on the app that didn’t have many views and when she joined the live broadcast, it was actually about to end. So she proceeded to explore the seller’s profile. To her surprise, he was selling car and house perfumes. What made this seller stand out to her, however, is the fact that the hardworking seller is someone with special needs. She implored in her tweet:


“Uncle ni oku. Fasih sangat bm dia. Support la gais. Mesti dia seronok kalau ramai beli. (This uncle is [a person with disabilities]. His Malay is so fluent. Support lah guys. I’m sure he’ll be excited if many buy [his stuff],” 


She also shared the uncle’s profile link in the thread, with a heavy heart, as not many were sold.


Brilliantly, Malaysians began to flood his profile, purchasing multiple units of his perfumes.



Orders were coming at such high volume, to the point that Malaysians could no longer make purchases as the uncle had set his profile to “on vacation”, a status which means customers can take a look at the seller’s products but cannot make purchases as the sellers are on a break.



Another netizen explained what could possibly be the reason and urged others to come by to support again the next day.


Fret not! Another netizen came and shared the uncle’s second account which was still open for business.



Netizens were also impressed with the uncle’s work ethic.



It’s the simple things that put a smile on people’s faces. We’re so happy to Malaysians helping each other out. It goes to show there has been, and always will be good people in this world. It truly is a wonderful #KitaJagaKita moment.



*Cover image credits:  mkjr_ on Unsplash / @shykinn

Written by: Shah

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