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Man Accidentally Buries Neighbour’s Cat, Thinking It Was His Own

today14 June 2021


A man recounted his chaotic moment when he accidentally buried his neighbour’s cat in a state of distraught, thinking it was his own cat…except it wasn’t.

With the username khalinexus,  he posted his story on Reddit, saying,


“I have two adopted street cats that I have been feeding along with a friendly neighbour for the past 7 years… We call them our cats. They are street cats and go as they please and are often in the cul de sac sleeping or playing, living alternatively between both houses,” he began.



He continued the story by emphasizing the similar attributes between his cats and the rest of the street cats,


“It is also worth mentioning that there are cats in the neighbourhood that look very, very similar to mine, having common fur marks, including a white stripe along the nose.”


Anyway, the man left to go on a holiday, leaving his two cats within the care of his elderly neighbour. Sometime after returning, one of his favourite cats named Favourite (I know) did not follow suit. Beginning to worry, he went to look for his furry friend and decided to ask his around. 


“Just as I arrive at my neighbours’ house I notice a black and white cat, apparently sick, in a very bad condition, lying down. My heart was pounding and I could not believe that I had just found the cat – it is worth mentioning that the cat was in another neighbour’s backyard and I could not go there without permission to help and identify.”


After gaining permission later on, the man rushed to help but the cat was gone. He said that it was difficult to identify his cats from the street cats alive, and it’s even harder identifying them when they’re dead.



Distraught, the man was unable to eat and went over his regrets for going off on a holiday and not looking for his cat sooner until he eventually fell asleep. Later on, he was awoken by a light scratch on the door…to find Favourite waiting for him.


“He then proceeds to enter meowing all the way as if saying: ‘Why [sic] did you take so long to open the door!’”



Long story short, he got his cat back! 


*Cover image via Dakens

Written by: Farah Qistina

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