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M’sian Gets Flak For Mocking ‘A Certain Someone’ Who Removed Her Hijab After Studying Overseas

today15 June 2021


A Malaysian has been heavily criticized for their posting on Facebook that indicates a mockery towards ‘a certain someone’ who studied overseas.


The posting shows two animals, a cat on the left and a dog on the right. The cat, however, is shown wearing a scarf around its head, while the dog has been given what seems to be a wig.


Photo via Facebook


The photo indicates that the student that performs well in Malaysia will take off their hijab or headscarf after studying abroad for many years. In other words, we assume the user is trying to say that they (Malaysians who study abroad) become culture shock.


Locals of course knew exactly who the original poster was referring to, quickly tagging her.



Some were confused as to why the doctor was being mocked, so a local came to explain.



“Just because she went against Prof Muhaya about the ‘stupid stupid’ issue. Therefore, men with low self esteem attacked Dr Amalina because the Dr didn’t want to ‘dumb’ herself down. But they attacked with insults, not even on the issue.”


Here’s the story behind Professor Muhaya:


The issue (about Amalina) was shared on Twitter, which locals were not happy to see.


Photo via Twitter/@ihsnzlkfle


He continued to address his stance in the thread.



Photo via Twitter/@ihsnzlkfle


“The moment Malay people stop relating success with how well they cover-up, will be the day our society moves forward. Success is success. Whether they cover up or not, it’s between them and Allah. If you’ve advised them, it’s enough. No need to make such jokes.”



Photo via Twitter/@ihsnzlkfle


Dr. Amalina has not responded to the post, but according to most netizens, it is highly unlikely that she would entertain ‘such mediocracy’.


*Cover Image Credits: Facebook

Twitter @ihsnzlkfle

Written by: Mifzal Malik

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